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Curmudgeon Group x World Wildlife Fund: "Fantasmagorie"

A mini-documentary about the conception, development, and performance of a multimedia dance experience developed through the collaboration of Curmudgeon Group, the World Wildlife Fund, and the City of Chicago.


I filmed and edited this short documentary about the Fantasmagorie event that took place over three weekends at Humbolt Park in Chicago, IL. It combined dance, film, music, projection mapping, and a lot of love to create a multimedia event to raise awareness about the World Wildlife Fund and the various beautiful specifies in the Amazon and Mesoamerican Reef. Shy Robot Films partnered with Curmudgeon Group to create this retrospective film to show that events like this are possible in Chicago and elsewhere through collaboration and the desire to help this planet of ours survive and thrive. Special thanks to Richter Studios for studio space and the inspiring film for the event.