Shy Robot Films


SHY ROBOT FILMS is the embodiment of the work of Danny McCarthy, a Chicago producer and filmmaker. 

Danny McCarthy has worked in the commercial space as a producer, editor, and stop motion animator in advertising and marketing since moving back to Chicago from Madison, WI in 2009. He has worked with clients ranging from local mom and pops to international corporate clients. The goal always being to get the highest quality work out the limited time we have, ideally with smiles on faces, because this is what we love to do.

Danny has also written, produced, shot and directed his own short form comedic films as well as worked in various roles from grip to AD on others. Being involved in creative work is an important part of his life as it not only allows personal expression, but it in turn affects his professional work.

The name originated from a video comedy team in Chicago, with Danny as one of the founders. It is based on: the irony of the name vs. the teams' extroversion, "Shy" being an homonym for "Chi", as well as a general soft spot for robots.