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Forked Hearts

Forked Hearts


Capturing a capturer... 

This film takes a peak inside the famed Forked Heart Photography studio and reveals a morsel of why couples travel from around the world to be captured through Joseph’s lens. Just as a flower pushes through a crack in the city sidewalk to show its beauty to the world, Joseph pushes his clients through the cement poured around their relationships to expose their vibrant petals.

From the Filmmaker:

To really understand the psyche of Joseph, I needed to step inside the studio myself and not only be a fly on the wall, but buzz around and not be scared of getting caught in the jaws of his Venus flytrap. Ahh, what a year. The documentary takes place entirely in his small urban studio to make the viewer feel confined by the space as I was by the 60-Second length of the film. Because of this limitation, I chose to focus in on two out of the scores of couples we captured to help show the range of Joseph's genius. My goal being to hold the viewer captive in Forked Heart Studio, then, if only briefly, free them through Joseph's techniques - as if they were the ones in front of his lens.


(Official Entry - 2017 Big Teeth 60 Second Film Fest Inspired by Grant Wood's "American Gothic" 

Joseph Saux - Danny McCarthy
Jan Ames - Emily Clouse
Tom Ames - Brian Bennett
Tasha Des Moines - Jordan Mullins
Marcus Des Moines - Quin Hatch

Directors - Danny McCarthy, Brittany Wagner
Director of Photography - Mike Trivisonno
Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe - Jordan Mullins)