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Stop Motion

Stop motion is a form that is universally appealing as it is a bit of video magic. Its playful and visually interesting. While it is time and patience intensive, it is extremely rewarding upon completion.

Museum of Science and Industry, "Failure Is An Option"

This video is one in a series showing at the LEGO Brick by Brick exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. This specific video relied on the use of archival footage paired with stop motion animation to show various instances where design failed, but because of that, the structures were rebuilt stronger than ever. Very fun project. LEGOs are a mainstay in hobby stop motion, and getting to use them for a professional project was fantastic.

Note: There is no sound as these videos play in each section of the exhibit, in the same space.

Production Company: Big Teeth Productions
Executive Producer: Elise Jaffe
Creative Director: Gregg Jaffe
Producers: Danny McCarthy, Mike Trivisonno
Stop Motion Animators: Danny McCarthy, Mike Trivisonno
Editors: Gregg Jaffe, Julie Schultz
Graphic Design / Animation: Jackie Avellar, Chas Fries

Contours, Bravo Potty Seat

This was one of two spots done to advertise the Contour Bravo Potty Seat. We shot in a studio against a white background to show off the clean look of the product and to allow the vibrant color options to pop.

Agency / Productions Company: Big Teeth Productions



Quaker Thanks 1 Million Fans

We see Quaker snacks make their way to a celebration of their 1 millionth Facebook fan.

Seattle's Best Stop Motion

Seattle’s Best Coffee was going through a re-branding of some of their coffee varieties and Big Teeth worked with Zeno Group to come up with a social-friendly video to announce the change. The solution was a stop motion animation simulation of the infamous Instagram swipe and like using paper cut-outs and lots of pre-production planning to make sure our swipe was straight.

Production Company: Big Teeth Productions Agency Partner: Zeno Group Client: Seattle's Best Coffee Creative Director: Gregg Jaffe Producer: Danny McCarthy Art Director: Sara Goehner Stop Motion Animators: Danny McCarthy, Brittany Wagner, Gregg Jaffe Sound Design: Bryan Ward