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More Shorties

A few other passion projects created by Danny McCarthy

The 2016 Big Teeth 60second Film Fest asked 7 filmmakers to pick a famous work of art at random to use as inspiration for their film. The festival ran during the Ravenswood Art Walk on September 10th - 11th in Chicago IL Inspired by Pollock “Number 5, 1948” Description: Art can be perceived in many ways. To one, a piece of art may look like it was created by the hands of a child, while to another it may look as though it was painted by the brush of a master. In this film, two Art connoisseurs discuss a surprisingly popular piece of art. Writer/Director: Danny McCarthy Editor: Daniel Linden Stevón: Played by Michael Owen Achenbach Farrahhh: Played by Galya Loeb

Based off of Eduoard Manet's Painting, "A Bar at the Folies-Bergere", this short film is inspired by the troubled mood of the woman depicted in the original painting paired with her occupation as a barmaid. Edouard Manet was criticized for the unrealistic reflection in the Realist painting, which inspired the use of two angles with slight differences in this short.

Written and Directed by Danny McCarthy

When Easter lands on 4/20, we see a very special bunny celebrate the joint holiday. 

Written and Directed by Danny McCarthy

This video shows how to make super simple dog cookies, while serving as a parody and homage to both the table top cooking videos that are very popular these days, as well as the infectious dog-with-human-hands videos.

Directed by Danny McCarthy